Hi Event Organiser,

We would love to help you attract even more shoppers/ traders to your events, including virtual events/ fairs.  Start by listing your events for free on the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER, which regularly gets 2,000+ views per week.  Then check out below how we can help with great value online promotion of your events, including listing them in our weekly UNCOVERED Newsletter and plugging them on our popular social pages of 10,500+ genuine followers of vintage and retro...

Option A: Side Square Banner Ad* (£6 for up to 30 days, or £30 for 12 months) - Display your logo/ latest poster in the rotating square Banner Ads’ column displayed on the side of EVERY page on the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER with your own back link (e.g. to your website or social page or VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER listing), AND start displaying your Banner Ad with back link in every Thursday issue of the Vintage Lovers’ UNCOVERED Newsletter, as well as include in any one issue up to 2 of your events (from those listed on the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER) in the section on ideas of fairs and events to visit for the upcoming weekend. We'll also plug daily these upcoming events in the week leading-up across our popular facebook and twitter pages. Plus we will post your event listings across facebook, twitter & instagram as and when they're published on the #1 VINTAGE EVENT FINDER, and if you list your events on facebook we will also add them to the Vintassion facebook events page.

Option B: Extra Daily Social Media Plugging (£6 per week for up 2 events) - To increase awareness, we can plug daily up to 2 of your listed events across our popular facebook and twitter pages for your selected week(s), as a standalone Option or in addition to daily plugging in the week leading-up to an event(s) when you also take up Option A.
Option C: UNCOVERED Newsletter Feature (£20 per issue) - On a first come basis we can solo feature your events in the top section of our weekly Vintage Lovers’ UNCOVERED Newsletter.   Your feature will comprise three to five sentences with supporting image/ poster with back link and will be seen by several thousands of Vintage Lovers, as not only do we email the Newsletter directly to our 1,000+ subscribers but extensively plug the Newsletter including your feature on our popular social pages.    

Option D Leader-board Banner Ad (£20 for one week & £5 for each additional week)  - Promote your event in the eye catching horizontal Banner Ad position on EVERY page of the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER with back link, which is limited to no more than 5 Ads at any one time (rotation order of Ads is on a first booked basis for the week leading-up to your event).  Plus we'll plug daily your event in the week leading-up across our popular facebook and twitter pages, and include your Leaderboard in the weekly UNCOVERED Newsletter section on ideas of fairs and events to visit for the upcoming weekend.
Promotion Options Package Saver (POPS) (£120 for 12 months) - Saves you at least £30 and offers a great value way of promoting your events over a 12 months period.   POPS comprises the following options as detailed above:
  • Option A: Side Square Banner Ad (runs continuously)*
  • Option C: UNCOVERED Newsletter Feature (3 features)
  • Option D: Leader-board Banner Ad (3 x 1 week runs for separate events).
Plus during the POPS 12 months whenever you wish to run more of Options C & D you receive a 20% discount off their normal price, making them £16 each (instead of £20).

*Event Trader Showcase is provided at no extra cost when you run a 12 month Side Banner Ad (Option A) on the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER.  In a nutshell your traders can help tempt even more visitors to your events by listing a selection of their lovely offerings for free at the Online Vintage Fair.  Then the thousands of people browsing the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER every week will be able to see who is trading and with one click view all their tempting offerings - see how this works.   Once you start running your 12 month Side Banner Ad we will email you a dedicated Event Trader Showcase webpage link just for your traders to start listing items. 

Please note we do not charge VAT and for all options above we can quickly put together (usually within a day) at no extra cost your Banners Ads/ feature using your copy &/or images and information from your website/ social pages etc, and invoice as per the rates above via PayPal or BACS if preferred.   

We trust these promotion opportunities are of interest, to get started please email  eventlistings@vintassion.com letting us know which Options you wish to take-up and prefered run dates.  We would also be pleased to arrange a bespoke promotion package should this be of interest.    

Your traders can help attract even more visitors to your events by listing a selection of their lovely offerings at the Online Vintage Fair.  When they do, the thousands of people with a passion for vintage, retro, upcycled and handcrafted, searching the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER weekly will see your Event Trader Showcase of Online Stalls; tempting even more to visit - see how this works.

To help get started your traders are welcome to take advantage of our no tie-in 30 day free trial which will be extended by 5 months when they start listing during the COVID-19 restrictions; here’s the link to pass on to any you think maybe interested >  https://www.vintassion.com/free_trial 

We'll then promote their Online Stall linked to your events daily in the week leading up across our popular social pages and in our weekly UNCOVERED Newsletter ideas section on events to visit.

We wish you every success with all your events both virtual and physical.

Kind regards,

Tricia & Martin Evans

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