Event Trader Showcase

When searching for events to visit on the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER you may see listings that include an Event Trader Showcase featuring some of the traders attending...
  • Fabulous Vintage Fair

    Sunday, ........ , 2019

    Opening Times: 11:00am - 4:30pm  Entry Fee: free
    Address: Super Venue Hall, Easy Park Street, Town in UK
    Organiser: Tip Top Fairs
    Event Trader Showcase: All That Glitters Vintage, Vintybits.

 ...just click on a trader's name to view a selection of their lovely offerings and get a tempting preview of the variety of items you can expect to enjoy browsing at that particular event...
... and of course you can always click the Contact Seller button on an item you are interested in and even arrange to visit a trader's stall at the event to take a closer look...

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Enjoy browsing Event Trader Showcases at the Online Vintage Fair and the treasure troves of vintage, retro, upcycled and handcrafted at the fab vintage events and fairs listed on the #1 VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER.  

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