Customers' Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to customers'  frequently asked questions.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any other questions or feedback using the general enquiries and feedback contact form.


Is there an item payment/ check out system?

Sellers typically offer a range of payment options including an item buy now "PayPal Click Here To Buy" button, which enables Customers to click and pay the Seller of an item securely via PayPal using their credit or debit card, bank account or direct from their PayPal account if they have one.  Where a Seller does not offer a buy now payment option for an item or Customers wish to purchase more than one item from a Seller, they may send the Seller a buy enquiry message, by clicking the "Contact" button on the item listing, and confirm the item(s) availability, price, delivery options, and payment options.  Customers usually wish to be sent a PayPal payment request/ invoice as this gives the buyer protection offered by PayPal and they can easily pay via PayPal using either their credit or debit card, bank account, or PayPal account if they have one.  Sellers also get the seller protection offered by PayPal.

Why do I have to confirm my email?

When making your first Vintassion item enquiry or purchase we will send you an email to confirm your email.  You need to open our email and click I confirm this is my valid email address address to continue with your item enquiry or purchase.   This is done to avoid spamming  and ensure only genuine customer requests are processed.  Next time you make an item enquiry or purchase we will automatically recognise your email, so you do not have to repeat the email confirmation process.  

Do sellers ship items Internationally?

It is very much a seller’s own choice as to which international Countries they chose to sell and ship items i.e. there are no restrictions imposed by Vintassion.  Sellers usually say if they don’t or do offer shipping to particular international countries (e.g. the European Union) in their “Seller Policies”, which can be clicked on by customers when viewing a seller's item.  Please note any delivery options and prices shown on item listings are for the UK only.

How do the customer review ratings work?

When a customer buys an item from a seller they are invited by the seller via Vintassion to provide a review rating (poor 1 to 5 excellent) based on how well the item as described meets their expectations and experience of buying the item from the seller.  The customer may also add key comments.  The review rating is then approved or rejected by Vintassion Admin.   A seller's overall customer star rating is displayed on their stall and any listed items and maybe clicked on to show all their individual review ratings.

What does the “If there is something wrong with this listing…” link mean at the bottom of every item listing page?

This is designed to help safeguard against posting of incorrect item details or information for any other purposes than which Vintassion is designed for or which may bring it in disrepute.   So if you click on the link a form opens where a message can be sent to Vintassion admin saying what is thought to be wrong the listing, which will be reviewed and followed up with the item seller if needed.