Pink Pine Needles, vintage Kimono Haori jacket

1970s-80s Haori in shell pink with an all-over Shibori (tie-dye) wavy pine tree needle design.

The upper lining is ivory with a coral design

Approx measurements :
sleeve edge to sleeve edge - 124.5cm, 49in
across back - 65cm, 24in
back length (from base of collar) - 76cm, 30in

Age is c.1970-80s and the condition is excellent.

This is a unique, hand-made pre-worn vintage garment from Japan. It may show some signs of its former life and we do our best to make you aware of any major marks or faults, that are apparent.

Posted via Royal Mail, insurance cover £50. Contact me for upgrade to full insurance if required
UK - Signed for 1st Class,

Ref: Artefi-8020


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