Plus Size Vintage Beaded Dress UK Size 18/20

Original 1980s Plus Size Vintage Full Beaded Cocktail Dress UK Size 18/20

Make a striking statement with this late 1980s cocktail dress in classic black. Completely covered in multi faceted multi toned beads and sequins that catch the light wherever you move. Lines of the oil-slick shimmering beads fall loose at the arms and scalloped hem to complete the look. Simple boxy shape with round neck and short sleeves. Non stretch with back zip fastening and light shoulder pads. In very good vintage condition.

Era - 1980s
Colour - Black
Material - Polyester/Sequins
Label Size - 44
Brand - N/A
Condition - Very good vintage condition

Bust - 44"
Waist - 40"
Hips - 42"
Length - 48"
Approximate modern day UK Size 18/20


Ref: My-Vin-7551


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