Poker Set with cards and dice (Spain) (1960s).

Very well kept vintage poker set with a complete deck of cards and a set of poker dice. The spruce wooden box is very done in lacquered leather with the figure of a matador and his bull on the front.

All of the items are in good condition. The set has been cleaned for this listing. Very little to no signs of wear or age.

This box screams machismo and needs to be enjoyed over a small glass of cognac.

Dimensions: 18x12x4 cm.

Will be well packed and shipped with track&trace.

Ref: Antiqu-7993


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Vintage poker set
  • Vintage poker set
  • Vintage poker set
  • Vintage poker set
  • Vintage poker set
  • Vintage poker set
  • Vintage poker set
  • Vintage poker set
  • Vintage poker set
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