Uncovered - Jessamy Elvira 22/09/2014

Vintassion Seller Caroline of Jessamy Elvira very kindly shares with us her passion for sourcing lovely and pretty vintage jewellery from the Cotswold area...

Vintage Jewellery Adds Style! 

I love the pretty things of life. I admit I am a romantic and this is why vintage appeals to me so much. I feel the sparkle and elegance of vintage jewellery adds style to modern clothes. Each piece of jewellery is evocative of its past life, and I often wonder who owned and wore each item, and if it was a treasured piece.  

I am going to show you some of my favourite items, and tell you why I like them so much.

Elegance & Sparkle...


  Sparkly Blue Stone Brooch                             Sparkly Flower Brooch          

I love the stylized elegance and sparkle of these brooches. They would look perfect with a pencil dress or with a flattering shift dress. They are gloriously sparkly and give that touch of vintage glamour.



      White Flower Brooch                                Pretty Flower Basker Brooch

There is a charm to these pretty, flowery brooches, which makes them perfect for special occasions such as weddings. They have a romantic appeal for everyone, especially if you love flowers and gardening, as I do.

Inspired by Nature

These past two years I have grown wild flowers, and this has encouraged me to source brooches connected with nature and flowers. I have enjoyed taking many pictures of my wild flowers and other flowers in my garden, which you can view by going to my website www.jessamyelvira.co.uk


Very Long Pearl Necklace

Pearls evoke the nostalgia of classical elegance. I often think that pearls could have been given as a love token and worn in romantic situations. What I love about pearls is that they look fantastic with all types of clothes, from casual jeans, to the classic two piece suit.

Hope You Enjoy My Finds

With each piece of jewellery there is a passing on of memories and emotions. I love to think that that my vintage jewellery is treasured and brings happiness to the person who owns it.  I hope you enjoy browsing my Online Vintage Fair Stall www.vintassion.com/stall/JessamyElvira

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