Uncovered - Jessamy Elvira 05/01/2015

Vintassion Seller Caroline of Jessamy Elvira very kindly shares with us some great ways to brighten up your Winter by adding vintage style to your clothes...  Check out also Caroline's previous lovely guest blogs for lots more great tips.  Please post comments at the end to share your views about this lovely guest blog!

It's January. Christmas has gone.  It's just so difficult to feel glamorous in this grey, dreary and dull month.  I try to cheer myself up by the indulgence of hot chocolate drinks but also with glamourous vintage sparkle.  It's too easy to wrap yourself in layers of clothing and forget about style, but with just a little thought one can add style to your Winter clothes.

Ornate Brooch

Sparkly Bar Brooch

Brooches for heavy Winter coats add instant glamour.  It's important to realise that vintage brooches have clasps and pins that go with different materials, unlike so many modern brooches.  So examine brooches to make sure the clasp is strong enough for the material of your Winter coat.  For extra style wear a cloche hat decorated with a brooch.  Very nice. Sometimes, however, one just has to wear a parka – a tantalising glimpse of a pearl necklace can add ladylike charm to any outfit.

Glove with Golden Bracelet

Scarves with Brooch

Wear gloves with a sparkly bracelet outside for instant vintage style. And scarves fastened with a brooch just look so amazing. Try twisting two vintage scarves together and secure with a brooch – this is even more effective if one is sparkly!

Pearl Necklace

Sparkly Necklace

The country Winter style wear of woolies and wellies really needs some help to be glamorous.  Wear a necklace under all your Winter clothes so its your secret vintage sparkle to make you feel glamourous even with all your Winter woolies and wellies.  However, if you indulge in the faux fur trend, a glimpse of a sparkly necklace worn with your cashmere top really adds that extra chic finishing touch.


I even have snowdrops in my garden.  You can see a picture of them here.  There are crocus starting to flower too, and aconite are in full bud.  My favourite robin is still around in the garden, a frequent visitor.  So there are signs of Spring everywhere.  I know how Mary from The Secret Garden felt with little delights to seek out in the garden.  Have you seen the film?  It's a delight to watch on a grey and wet afternoon. 

Keep cheerful and bring forced hyacinths and other flowers into the home.  Always indulge yourself by using vintage accessories to brighten up your outfit and your day, and remember that Spring and sunshine will be here soon.

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