Uncovered - Jessamy Elvira 02/02/2015

Vintassion Seller Caroline of Jessamy Elvira offers some great suggestions to help make your Valentine's Day a truly romantic and memorable occassion...  Check out also Caroline's previous lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' ideas.  Please post comments at the end to share your views about this lovely guest blog!

Valentine's Day is the lovely highlight of the month of February. How do you get a man to be romantic on Valentine's Day? Vintage clothes have a special romantic style, and will set the scene for a candlelight dinner. Even the love of your life can be unaware of the significance of Valentine's Day to you. You have to drop hints so that it does turn out to be a memorable occasion for both of you. Remember, he will no doubt enjoy a bit of pampering and indulgence as well.

                    Pretty Flower Basket Brooch - £10                Glittering Flower Brooch - £12

Red roses are romantic of course, but give your love a hint of how desirable a vintage flower brooch would be instead of, or even with, a bunch of flowers. This brooch would be your secret special love token, to be worn on special romantic days, or even on days when you just want the reassurance of love.

Men can be very sentimental about love, so give your man the surprise of a little present. Secretly, he would be delighted to receive a stylish vintage tie clip or a pair of cufflinks, chosen with love by you. It would be something that he also would treasure and would wear on special occasions.

                  Very Long                                           Pink Sparkly Earrings - £7.50

                Pearl Necklace - £7

Pearls and candlelight, how feminine and how romantic. Are you having a special meal at home? Set the scene for your evening meal with table decorations and napkins fastened with vintage jewellery. Scatter little heart confetti on the table. Vintage plates and silver cutlery are so stylish for a lovely vintage Valentine's Day meal, and remember to wear your most romantic vintage outfit and pearls.  

             Sparkly Flower Brooch - £10.50                            Tiny Flower Brooch - £7

It's nice to be taken out for a meal, but now the weather is better, a walk together is lovely. There are so many flowers starting to blossom. Look for the first camellias, bright celandines, early flowering winter cherry trees, winter jasmine and sweet little primroses. You can see my pictures of some of these lovely flowers here on my "Winter in my Garden" Pinterest Board. Each town has its own secret walks, special little tucked away pretty places to seek out and enjoy together.

Make the most of Valentine's Day, it's the most romantic day of the year. We are all romantic at heart, but sometimes men just need a bit of encouragement. Use your feminine charms. Create a romantic scene, and you can make it a lovely day to remember, and hopefully have your special vintage flower brooch to treasure forever.

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