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Vintassion Seller Caroline of Jessamy Elvira offers inspiration on how to help celebrate Mother's Day, St. Patricks's Day and Easter by finding the perfect vintage gifts that will provide evocative memories of special days that you will always remember... Check out also Caroline's previous lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' ideas.  Please post comments at the end to share your views about this lovely guest blog!
Now the signs of Spring are all around us. There will be sparkling days of blue skies when the sun can feel comfortingly warm, flowers are starting to bloom and there is a general sense of anticipation in the air, and also looking forward to the celebration days of Mother's Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Special days like this allow us to indulge in finding perfect vintage gifts, especially for Mother's Day, and Easter adds to our sense of renewal and hope.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a Mum, there is a very special day in March when we can show how much we love her. But what to give your Mum on Mother's Day? It has to be something very special, and this is where vintage can be used in an original and stylish way. Give your Mum a pretty sparkling brooch...


... or use vintage to decorate a gift or present. Perfume, beautifully wrapped and adorned with glittering vintage jewellery, will make an extra special gift. Most Mums will really appreciate the care and thought put into a gift like this.

Encourage the man in your life to appreciate the appeal and glamour of vintage jewellery. His Mum also would be delighted to receive a present with lots of thought behind it, because lets face it, most men have little imagination when it comes to getting a gift for their Mum. Show him how decorating a bunch of flowers with a big ribbon bow fastened with vintage jewellery can make it look extra special. However, any gift can be made to look extra special, even a subscription to a magazine, if it is wrapped in pretty paper and secured with vintage sparkle.

I love the charm of Ireland, it is one of my favourite places to visit, so I always feel rather nostalgic when it is St. Patrick's Day. However, even though the St Patrick's Day celebrations are a delight in themselves, the weather can sometimes be pretty awful! For windy March be sure to wear scarves to add a touch of vintage style to your outfit. So even though it may be windy and miserable on St. Patrick's Day, indulge in the Irish charm by wearing a pretty green brooch – perhaps to secure your scarf against the windy weather. 

Even the warmth of the Irish charm needs a bit of help against the mad March weather!

Easter is early this year. The sun might be shining, but it can still be very cold so, oh the joy of still being able to indulge in comforting hot chocolate! And then there are Easter eggs. Easter eggs given as a present can be decorated with sparkly vintage jewellery, and tied with a bow made from a vintage scarf to add a touch of unique style. But remember it is perfectly all right to buy yourself your own Easter egg – or even Easter eggs! It is also lovely to send sweet vintage Easter cards, with Easter eggs. Spring and Easter are a time of renewal and hope, so be sure to look for bright Spring flowers, and know that Easter is not just about chocolates, even though they are so delicious.

Even though the month of March can be quite miserable, there are highlights of happiness and special celebration days. Use the prettiness of vintage jewellery on these days. Vintage is so special because each piece of jewellery has evocative memories of special days that you will always remember. So welcome to Spring. It is lovely to see her with the hope of better weather on the way, with sparkling sunshine, and remember to look at the pretty things in life while celebrating these special days with your loved ones.

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