Uncovered - Hels Belles' Next Fair 18/03/2015

If you're Gloucestershire way this Saturday and love vintage we thought you would like this heads-up about Hels Belles Boutique fab Vintage & Craft Fair Gloucester in the stunning 13th Century Blackfriars Priory this Saturday, 21st March.  

This will be Hels Belles "legs eleven" 11th Gloucester Fair in just over 2 years, and such is the demand for the great shopping and live vintage-inspired entertainment organised by Helen Jones and her team, four fairs are scheduled this year at Blackfriars alone...

Having visited and traded at Hels Belles Fairs ourselves we have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending getting along to this Saturday's Fair, where you will be truly spoiled for choice with a treasure trove of all things vintage, handmade, antique & collectable...

As ever there will be fabulous live vintage-inspired entertainment by talented performers, here's Kitty Ribbons - a family friendly Burlesque performer in the Cloisters at Blackfriars last year...

Plus vintage beauty, vintage tearoom, classic cars and lots more, that's guaranteed to make it a truly memorable fair to visit and one you too will want to repeat again and again and again...

For details of all of Hels Belles fabulous events this year check out their facebook events page.

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