Uncovered - BR Events 30/03/2015

We are very pleased to post this lovely Guest Blog by Bridget Moore of BR Events who organise vintage events and artisan food fayres mainly around North & North East Yorkshire, and who developed the original idea of the "Chic Vintique Fairs"... 

CHIC VINTIQUE..what?  " A gorgeous blend of all things gorgeous from all ages" BR Events short desctiption.  Cupcakes next to retro glass, next to vintage fashion, next to antiques..MADDDDDD! but it works...  

We developed the original Chic Vintique name over 5 years ago and now entering Fair 14 at Stockton this year, with three a year and around 45 stands with a great vintage tea room, entertainment and between 2,000 and 4,000 visitors, AND FREE ADMISSION, what is not to like? Along with Stockton we have Richmond and Barnard Castle too; smaller fairs but "NO TWO BR EVENTS' FAIRS ARE EVER THE SAME"

We have been doing what we do for too many years to mention, and along with the fairs we love to buy and sell vintage and older jewellery, bijouterie, vintage toys and games and sporting memorablia, we are very busy, but always happy to buy so you know where to find us www.brevents.co.uk

Our fairs are many and varied from Chic to Food, Vintage to Christmas and all sorts in between.  Loads of fairs this year again, over 20 with something for all ages, tastes and likes.
Our fab Leyburn Home-Front Vintage Fair is part of the great town wide event of the 1940s weekend.  Fantastic fashions, uniforms, spivs selling dodgy stockings, parades, dances and more.  The whole town seems to be in the spirit of the weekend and the HOME-FRONT VINTAGE FAIR 25th & 26th July gives visitors the chance to buy original items and have a great nostalgic time with us.

Our Christmas Fair 6th December is a new one for us this year with what we hope will be a wonderful festive feel with music, entertainment, dealers in all things lovely from all ages again along with more seasonal goodies, food and beverages....Richmond is a great place for any vintage event or fair, in fact our first Chic Vintique Fair of 2015 "kicks off" in Richmond Tuesday 7th April. 

So from food to fashion and fabulousness in between that is what BR Events Fairs are all about.  As I type this I am surrounded by vintage jewellery, sparkling over my shoulder, files with all our fab 2015 fair details in and lots of lovely emails to answer from those of you who delight us by taking stands at our fairs. 

BIG THANK YOU EVERYONE AND KEEP ON COMING, without you we are nothing - Bridget xxx


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