Uncovered - It's only vintage but I like it 15/04/2015

We are delighted to be able post this Guest Blog by Polly who has been blogging for just over a year.  Polly enjoys writing about fashion, beauty, hair and homeware and her posts can be on anything from setting lotion to Ladybird books, as she takes her inspiration from the vintage in everyday life!   Have a read of Polly's lovely guest blog below and get following her fab blog page >>>  itsonlyvintagebutilikeit.com 

Moving into my first home is an incredibly exciting thing for me. I have always been an ‘old head on young shoulders’ and have been dreaming of my own four walls and how I’d decorate them since I was in my early teens. I’d pore over mail order catalogues choosing sugar bowls when my peers were on the phone gossiping about boys!

It’s taken a little while to get here and I’ve had to do some interesting things to get me the deposit – a few years teaching out in the Middle East was an experience I’ll never forget, but the tax free salary helped me save the pennies for my much longed-for bricks and mortar!

Being part of Abu Dhabi - a very ‘modern’ city and a fledgling nation - helped me appreciate the culture I’m from and the heritage that is so readily available.

So what am I hoping to fill my new home with? Well, it’s a few weeks (or maybe even months – the glacial pace that solicitors move at is something I’m struggling to understand!) before we move in but I have a few ideas already stored away. I think I’m going to have to work hard to ensure my home doesn’t just degenerate into a crazy-lady hodge-podge of things that more closely resembles a junk shop than the carefully curated home of a vintage goddess! I must take my time and be patient, choosing the right look for each room.

There a few favourites I’ve gathered along the way that I will make work in whatever space I have. I love 70s ceramics such as Hornsea and my beloved Bronte storage jars will be lovingly dusted off and positioned as soon as I remember which box they’re in!

A memory of my Gran’s kitchen windowsill brings with it the sun streaming through a lovely glass bud vase that had tiny bubbles in the base. It was completely captivating to this inquisitive child. How did they get the bubbles in there? Why did they put bubbles in there? But why? Why? (I was clearly a joy as a child!) My small but sure-to-grow collection of bubble vases will need to go somewhere prominent and near a window I feel! They come in a range of shapes and sizes and my heart skips a beat each time I spot one in a charity shop – oh, the small joys of a collector!

As far as I’m concerned no dining room or kitchen is complete without a smattering of Wood’s Beryl china. I got my first fix back at Christmas when my intuitive other half somehow knew (possibly because I lie awake at night calling Beryl’s name) that I’d love this mint trio of deliciousness. I’ve heard it called ‘WI china’ and spotted it on ‘Call the Midwife’ multiple times and I adore it more than is strictly normal.

So these are the things I plan to fill corners of my new home with. I will find ways to include them all and I’m sure the number of vintage items with multiply in number. I shall scour the Charity shops, I shall trudge the well beaten path to the car boot sale, I shall hover over the checkout button of the online vintage retailer. And I shall find perfect elderly treasures and let them live out their days in my abode. My sweet and dreamed for home. 

You are all most welcome – bring Beryl!

Please check out more vintage musings at my website: itsonlyvintagebutilikeit.com

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