Uncovered - East London Vintage Fair 03/08/2015

Every second Sunday Clapton’s stunning Round Chapel is home to Hackney’s newest vintage market.  Founded by Rabbit Moon Vintage’s Dominique Miller, the East London Vintage Fair is the area’s monthly go-to destination for everything from high-end haute to flea market finds...

For bargain-hunter newbies or even the most seasoned shoppers, Dominique has 3 top tips for browsing the rails to get the most out of your vintage shopping experience:

1) In the occasional absence of fitting rooms, wear an outfit which will be easy for you to try on garments like leggings and a vest. This will help you slip a dress on over the top;

2) Shop out of and ahead of season: the best coats and woollies are up for grabs at a cheaper in summer time; and, 

3) Check season ahead forthcoming trends in the women’s glossies: all designers use vintage as reference and you can find catwalk looks at a fraction of price.  

So now you know how to get the most out of your vintage shopping experience put the second Sunday of every month 12pm-6pm in your diary and get yourself along to:
East London Vintage Fair 
Clapton Round Chapel 
1D Glenarm Road 
E5 0LY


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