Uncovered - Easter Compton Vintage Market 21/09/2015

Enjoy reading this lovely guest blog by Ditsy Vintage who recently came up with the innovative idea of having a “Real Life Vintage Photobooth” for vintage fashion lovers at the Easter Compton Vintage Market, Bristol.  They launched the Photobooth back in June with a 1940s living room, and will shortly announce the decade for the next monthly Market being held on Sunday 27th September…

If you love vintage fashion you will love dressing up and being styled in vintage.  Many of us look forward to the next vintage fair in our local town, using it to show off our latest vintage fashion ensembles, catch up with our friends, and enjoy teas and cakes in the vintage tea room.  There are many great fairs out there, some with hair and make-up salons enabling you to truly look the part, as if you had been catapulted forward in time from yesteryear.  

Photographs are an important part in capturing these moments.  Selfies are good, but having gone to all that trouble on making yourself look true vintage, what if you could place yourself in a real life vintage setting to capture that moment.  Well now you can, in a real life room sized photobooth…

Easter Compton Vintage Market have taken this to a new level and provided for the vintage lover a room sized vintage photobooth for its customers to enjoy.  The Real Life Vintage Photobooth was launched in June as part of their vintage fashion extravaganza, a 1940s living room was created, enabling people to have their photo taken encapsulated in real vintage life!

1940s living room also hosted a photoshoot in order to promote the photobooth.  There was a lot of excitement running the shoot and many people looked on as the models had their photographs taken.

Vintage Victory Rollers (Raye Leonard) styled the models and showed how fabulous we can all look fashioned in true vintage.

People attending the market enjoyed seeing how people lived in that decade through their living room, and many of the pieces have been bought by vintage enthusiasts wanting to create that Love Vintage, Live Vintage feeling at home.



When asked about putting the photobooth together, Ditsy Vintage said

“I noticed when I went to the Dig For Victory Show, how many people enjoyed having their photograph taken in vintage.  When you are asked by someone to take a photo with you because of how well you have dressed, it made me think about how that photograph could look so much better if set in a real room.  This gave me the idea to create this at the vintage market.  I travelled all over the South West sourcing furniture to get the right look for people making sure that all pieces were authentic and matched the period.  I even found a sewing box which had all of the original sewing threads in.  Some people donated pieces just for the photobooth which made them remember their loved ones and how they used the furniture.  I loved watching people at the vintage market reminisce over the room and talk about how it reminded them of their grandparents house”

Easter Compton Vintage Market is very passionate about Love Vintage, Live Vintage, and wants to provide an environment where people can embrace dressing in vintage, socialise with likeminded people, and now capture their day in the photobooth…

The next photobooth covering a new decade will be staged at the Sunday 27th September Easter Compton Vintage Market (what it will be is a secret and revealed a few days before the event)…

Easter Compton Vintage Market is a new vintage fair by Acorn Vintage Events, launched the beginning of the year.  They embrace all things vintage, recycled, upcycled, house clearance, handmade and flea with a passion for bringing people together who Love Vintage and want to Live Vintage.  Based at Washingpool Farm, Easter Compton, Bristol, BS35 5RE it runs on the last Sunday of the month, indoors and outdoors, located 2 miles from Junction 17 M5 motorway near the Cribbs Causeway Shopping Mall.

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