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Finding festive gifts 'everyone' will adore

Enjoy this lovely festive guest blog by Vintassion Seller Caroline of Jessamy Elvira, on the joys of finding extra special and unique gifts for every taste and style that your friends and close ones, and yourself, will simply adore...   Check out also Caroline's previous lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' ideas:

Isn't it lovely, at this rather dreary time of year, to think that Christmas is coming! Everybody welcomes the excitement of Christmas. You can enhance this wonderful feeling by wearing special Christmas vintage jewellery. Bring a touch of glamorous sparkle to work by wearing your vintage brooch or vintage necklace at Christmas time. And, if your vintage brooch or necklace has been a special gift, wearing it will not only make you feel glamorous, but will also let you indulge and cherish the secret of the gift you are wearing.

Vintage Christmas Sparkle

Girls, I know that to receive perfume or indulgent toiletries at Christmas is lovely, but if you want to give an extra special gift found with loving care, and a completely unique present, think about buying vintage jewellery for your friends. There are so many different types of vintage jewellery: big extravagant statement pieces, art deco stylized jewellery, pearls and sweet little flower brooches. There really is something for every feminine taste and style. You know your friends personalities and it is fun to search out and buy something to suit their style. It would be a nice touch to write a brief history about where you found the piece of jewellery, its age and history, and to present it in a special vintage box as a memory gift to your special friends.

Romantic Swallow Brooch

Even though you have bought special gifts for special friends, sometimes it really is necessary to drop hints about wanting a unique piece of vintage jewellery for yourself. There are many vintage fairs at this time of year (see the VINTAGE EVENTS FINDER), and you can also buy vintage jewellery online like from the Online Vintage Fair. Vintage fairs are often held in picturesque villages and market town locations, so charm the man in your life to have a lovely day out. Suggest a day trip exploring and browsing a vintage fair and drop hints as to what you would like as a vintage Christmas present. Make the day even more perfect and memorable by having a meal at the village pub, and make sure to take plenty of pictures to put in your memory box to remember your romantic day out.

Christmas Memory Box

Such memorable occasions and vintage jewellery would be just right for your memory box. You might be lucky enough to find a vintage box at a vintage fair, but any box can be decorated in vintage style to make it your own special treasure box. Your special memory treasure box will hold many loving mementoes and photographs. Make a memory box just for Christmas, and keep in it special cards, little pieces of wrapping paper, and lots of pictures of wonderful Christmas days. Make sure to write on the back of photos who everyone is and where and when the picture was taken. It can be so easy to forget little details and all the special meanings and significance which will bring your treasures alive.

Little girl's memory box

You can make a treasure box just for yourself, but it would also be lovely to have a family memory box. And another lovely idea is to have a Christmas memory box for each child. This will truly be their own special treasure of a memory box. All little girls love jewellery. Buy just a little piece of vintage jewellery each year which could be kept in their memory box along with pictures and the history of where you found the piece of vintage jewellery. It will be a delight to them to look through their memory box with all the family each Christmas, and so a new Christmas tradition will be created.  

Indulge in all the romance and traditions of Christmas time. Yes, I know, girls, Christmas can sometimes be hard work, but the memories it creates and the joy it brings are truly to be treasured forever.

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