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Her Majesty's 90th Vintage Celebrations...

Enjoy this fabulous 'royal' guest blog by Vintassion Seller Caroline of Jessamy Elvira recognising Her Majesty the Queen's classic glamour and elegance as inspiration for everyone to celebrate in 'vintage' style... Check out also Caroline's previous lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' ideas:  

Can you feel the great sense of anticipation everywhere? Whether one adores the Royal Family and the Queen or not, one cannot fail to be caught up in the excitement of the festivals and activities to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. Queen Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, which was the start of a wonderful era for vintage fashion and jewellery, and so this is the perfect time to show off your love of vintage at your own celebrations.

Gloves and Scarf

One of the delights of vintage is there are so many different vintage styles, and you can see all of these on Vintassion, by searching for clothing and jewellery by era. You could start from the 1950's, with the Queen's Coronation, which was an era of hope and colour, when the Queen showed us both glamour and elegance. The Queen has retained this image of classic glamour - she always wears gloves and pearls, and has a love of scarves. But girls, this is a style you too can adapt to wear in your everyday life, so you always have this look of classic feminine elegance.

If you visit one of the many exhibitions that are being held about the Queen's life, like Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of Style from The Queen's Wardrobeyou can look to the Queen and her family for inspiration to develop your own individual vintage style. You can have a very special day visiting one of these wonderful exhibitions. You will take so much inspiration from the beautiful clothes and jewellery and different fashions on display to develop your own individual vintage style from the different eras.

Pearl Necklace, Sparkly Brooch and Dazzling Necklace

The Queen is famous for wearing brooches, which are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. There are so many different styles of vintage brooches, and you can show off your own individual style through them. There are pretty flowery ones, dramatic jewelled ones, very sparkly ones and there are even brooches of animals, like dogs or horses, or even pretty butterflies, which you can wear to show your fun side. The Queen is also famous for wearing pearl necklaces, which always adds a touch of elegance. Even though you may not have fantastic diamond jewellery, or a real pearl necklace, you can always add a sparkly vintage necklace or brooch for evening wear. Vintage diamante jewellery is fantastic for this. If you love sparkle, you will absolutely love all kinds of vintage jewellery!

Summer Tea Party

I expect by now everyone has heard of the wonderful plans for the tea party along the length of the Mall. It will be a fantastic occasion! But, even if you are not going to this, you can still hold a tea party of your own and join in the celebrations over the weekend of 10 to 12 June. And girls, for a tea party lovely food will be very important. You could have some food inspired by the 50's, such as cucumber sandwiches, plain bread and butter and tinned fruit salad with cherries. But, girls, if you're going to have a nice tea party you might just as well have all the delicious food that you adore, such as chocolate cake and pretty cupcakes and macaroons. Your delightful tea party will also be the perfect opportunity to show off your vintage china. And, remember, there is a great charm in mismatched plates and tea cups, because sometimes a piece of china is just too pretty not to use.

But if, as it could well be with our British weather, it is raining, or cold, you could always hold your tea party indoors, with pretty decorations and fairy lights. Remember to play music from the 50's, which will really set the mood, and might even encourage people to rock and roll and jive!

There will never be a better, more perfect occasion to indulge in your love of vintage than if you are lucky going to a street party. It will be the most fantastic opportunity to wear vintage style clothing and pretty vintage jewellery with a vintage hair style. Your glamorous, distinctive vintage image would lend itself beautifully to this occasion, and will really make it a day to remember!

This time of great celebration only comes around once, so you can afford to indulge, in both vintage style and foods. Don't forget to take lots of pictures of your family and friends, and to keep some precious mementos for your memory box too, because this will be a truly unique occasion that you and your family can look back on for years to come. You will have your own personal story to treasure of the wonderful day you celebrated, with your family and friends, the Queen's 90th birthday.

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