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Christmas sparkle & colours...

Our regular guest blogger Caroline of Jessamy Elvira offers some great easy ways to put aside dreary November by letting the sparkle and colours of Christmas inspire your vintage look this winter.  Check out also Caroline's previous lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' ideas:  

Everything is dull and grey. It's dreary November now. But girls, oh, isn't it lovely, Christmas is almost here! It really is! All the shops are full of enticing Christmas things, Christmas songs are already everywhere, and, although it can perhaps get a little bit irritating, enjoy the once a year festive atmosphere. Let the sparkle and colours of Christmas inspire your vintage style winter clothes.  

Vintage Buttons

If you have bought your winter coat, you can transform it with buttons. These don't have to be vintage, but for true vintage glamour always choose vintage, because nothing can compare with the elegance of real vintage. Buttons can be plain or sparkly, elaborate or a fascinating colour, a contrast to your coat, or simply large or small. Buttons are usually bought as a collection, and so are very good value for money. But, sometimes you find an extra special button that you know is right, and it's worth paying the higher price for it, because it is just so perfect for your coat. Consider adding just one really glamorous sparkly button to your coat. It's really worthwhile spending time finding the most perfect button, because once you've sewn it into place, it will bring a constant touch of elegance to your coat.

But, girls, lovely as they are, don't think buttons need to be used just on coats! Imagination is everything when indulging in vintage, and with a little skill you can find so many ways of using vintage buttons. You can tie them on a ribbon and make a very pretty necklace, or even a bracelet. They are also perfect for adding that finishing touch to your wrapped Christmas presents. You could even design and make a picture of vintage buttons, and frame it, for a unique Christmas present.


Vintage Brooches

Lots of coats have zips and other fastenings instead of buttons, so this is a great opportunity to wear a lovely vintage brooch. Brooches can be more expensive than buttons, but I always feel that when buying a really special vintage brooch it is no extravagance to spend quite a bit of money. It is just so worth paying the price for a really desirable brooch. A brooch of course is far more versatile than a button. You can wear a brooch in so many ways, on so many different outfits throughout the year, so it really is worth seeking out that one special vintage brooch that you can use again and again over the years. Don't feel you have to make an instant decision at a vintage fair, you can look online for one, and really spend time enjoying yourself looking at all of the lovely vintage brooches and jewellery available.  

Girls, if you want vintage glamour, seek out the perfect brooch. Your special brooch will have all the emotional attachment of all the past years of vintage glamour. It will be a brooch that you love and treasure to bring all the elegance of vintage and style to your outfit.

Christmas Gift

Consider giving a vintage brooch as a Christmas present. Vintage brooches cost more than the sparkly brooches you see in shops, but they are each unique and bring an individuality to your present. The feel of a special vintage brooch is simply priceless. This is a very personal present to give to someone, so when you wrap it up, it's a lovely idea to include a little letter explaining why you chose it, that it's a special vintage brooch for a special friend.

If there is a certain dreariness creeping in about Christmas, and you don't really like to admit it, make sure to visit a Christmas vintage fair. If you are feeling at all jaded about Christmas they are the perfect antidote, with old Christmas songs playing, a lovely Christmas atmosphere, and everything is sparkly and pretty. A vintage fair will really soothe your soul and bring you Christmas cheer!

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