Uncovered - Jessamy Elvira 06/03/2017

Spring cleaning your vintage look...

With spring in the air our regular guest blogger Caroline of Jessamy Elvira offers some fun ways thinking up a 'new' vintage look, like having a vintage style haircut to show off vintage earrings in a delightful way.  Check out also Caroline's previous lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' ideas:  

Oh, isn't it nice, we now have the indulgence of longer daylight, and the suggestion of warmth, so we know that Spring is coming, it really is! Just look at the flowers that are blooming, primroses are peeping out, and shy little violets are showing their sweet little faces. You may be lucky to see some daffodils in flower, and there are buds on the trees. Everything is starting to look really lovely, with a whisper of spring in the air, and sunshine. It's the time of hope and renewal when traditionally spring cleaning starts. If you are very good, you will be spring cleaning your home, but don't just limit this to your house, look at your wardrobe too, your clothes and jewellery might need some special attention.

New Look

And what is more special than vintage clothing? Vintage clothing and jewellery are lovely, but as with all things worth owning, they need some special care. Spring gives us a new happier, feeling, and if you are elegant enough to have vintage style, spend a delightful hour, or afternoon, looking at your vintage clothing and jewellery. Have fun thinking up a new look for spring!

Consider having your hair cut in a vintage style, the glamour of this style of haircut will show off your vintage earrings in a delightful way. There is an elegance in vintage earrings, and if you are lucky enough to be attending a wedding this year, this a perfect opportunity to experiment with a new or different hair style. You can further enhance your vintage look with vintage style make up. It is lovely to use vintage in a modern way, blending the style and charms of vintage into a modern, individual, memorable, outfit.   

Vintage Earrings and Primroses

There are so many different types and styles of vintage earrings. Some are very glamorous and sparkly, some are more plain, while some have very subtle sparkle, that you could even wear to work. For those of you not familiar with vintage earrings, you might be surprised by all the different types of fastenings. There are different types of clip on earrings, just as there are different types of wire earrings. Just be a little careful with glamorous vintage earrings, be aware that nickel is often present in the fastenings, and a few people can be allergic to this, so always check what they're made of. A little gentle polish and care and attention will bring out the best sparkle of your vintage earrings.

Don't forget, girls, that you can always slip another pair of earrings into your vintage clutch bag when you have a day out or go to a party. They are fantastic for an easy way to change your look, particularly from day to night. Earrings are an indulgence that all women can enjoy, there are so many different styles to choose from. Vintage earrings are a fantastic addition to any outfit, and really show off your individual style.  

Summer Events

Have a little indulgence looking at different types of vintage earrings, and making a new look for yourself. But any piece of vintage jewellery will bring special sparkle to the occasional grey and dull days that we might still have. But, girls, spring is coming, and with it sunshine and a fresh new feel, and the promise that summer is enticingly close. Think of all the special occasions and events you will be going to this summer, from music festivals to weddings, buy a different piece of vintage jewellery for each one, to remember and celebrate these special sunny days.

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