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Vintage inspired modern wedding...

Love is in the air... yes it's the wedding season, so if you're planning to celebrate or would like to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane covering the last century, and maybe your own wedding (like us who recently celebrated our silver anniversary), enjoy reading this delightfully informative guest blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira.  Check out also at the bottom, links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.  

It's the wedding season, with all the romance and celebration of one of the biggest events of family life! A wedding dress is the most important dress in a woman's life. Nowadays, they tend to be white, but throughout the generations there have been many different types and colours of wedding dress. You can indulge your love of vintage by looking back through the generations at all the different styles of wedding dresses, each with their own unique charm. There are so many different ways you can use vintage in your modern wedding, and your dress is only one these, especially if your wedding dress is one of those treasured heirlooms that has been passed through your family.

Echoes of Weddings Past

When you think of a wedding dress, you think of a gorgeous white dress, of satin and lace and silk and elegance and charm. But wedding dresses haven't always been white. They would have been silver in the very grandest of weddings, and then white and cream throughout a number of years. It is interesting to see how social change has affected the style of the wedding dress. The First World War changed how woman dressed. It was a confusing time for fashion, and this was further exacerbated by the Depression that followed. Legislation also had a consequence on the marriage ceremony, and, of course, the wedding dress. In 1934, the hours regulating when marriages could take place in a church changed, which introduced the celebration of the evening reception. The less formal structure of the evening reception meant it was a far more enjoyable, relaxed occasion. This was enchanted by the frivolity and popularity of films showing glamorous stars, which had an increasing influence on fashion, and the type of clothes worn in the evening reception. However, running through all this were the strict codes of moral conduct among many classes. It really was a time of change.

I am sure that many grandmothers, or great-grandmothers, remember the Second World War, and rationing coupons, but even in those hard times of deprivation, brides still endeavoured to find a bridal outfit. This was also encouraged by the government and fashion magazines. Some brides were lucky enough to have a white wedding dress in the family that could be altered, but they often had to use unconventional fabrics, like net curtains and upholstery fabrics which were unrationed. Many brides resorted to a smart practical suit, which could be reworn in everyday life, but other brides married in their military uniform.

In all this collection of wedding styles, there are innumerable vintage styles from which you can take inspiration for your modern wedding dress.

Vintage Wedding Style

You can take inspiration from all of these eras for your modern wedding. Vintage wedding dresses from the 50's era are more easily available, and the style may be one that you will feel more comfortable in. During this time, the tea length dress was popular, and this remains a very important vintage influence on modern wedding dresses. Short wedding dresses were an elaborate fruo fruo of net and lace, a complete contrast to the more elegant sleek dresses of the 20's and 30's.

But don't think your wedding dress has to be white, even with all the history behind it. You can very easily find some patterned vintage fabric and have it made up into a modern, on trend wedding dress, or you could also use vintage buttons, to give it that perfect finishing touch. Even if your dress is a modern dress, you can still include vintage in a veil, perhaps a family heirloom, or a find at a vintage fair. And don't forget vintage jewellery, a strand of pearls or a sparkly brooch – perhaps even in your hair, in place of a tiara, or even a bouquet of brooches.

Vintage Wedding Accessories

It's lovely to sit down with family and look through wedding albums, or perhaps even a memory box, if you are lucky enough to have one, which will give you all sorts of inspiration for your wedding. It's a great pleasure to look at all the different eras and styles, and to indulge in the different fashions. Your wedding dress is so special, so take your time, explore and discover the rewards of vintage fairs, look at the different types of dresses available and the different fabric materials. Indulge in the romance of your wedding dress, enjoy finding 'the one' most important dress for you, give it a lot of love. And, don't forget, one day your wedding dress will be vintage too!

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