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Vintage Girls' Autumn 'Fashion' Statement...

Vintage girls don't just wear scarves they create an allure of glamour... enjoy reading how to make an individual Autumn 'Fashion' Statement" that suits yourself and lifestyle with this joy to read guest blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira.  Check out also at the bottom, links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration. 

The long hazy days of Summer are fading away, but don't look back with regret on those halcyon days just because autumn is coming. I love autumn. It's a chance to indulge in the lovely shades of this time of year, to reflect them in your vintage outfits - and the most fantastic accessory for this is a vintage silk scarf and the latest fashionable look of corduroy.  

Corduroy is incredibly fashionable, it's not just a practical, everyday material. Top designers are using corduroy on the runway this autumn and teaming it with beautiful silk scarves. This is the most elegant and sophisticated way to wear corduroy this autumn, in this glamorous, fashionable way. Princess Diana loved the traditional look of corduroy and checks, which give a style and distinctive character. Corduroy is already loved by those of you lucky enough to live in the country, but this traditional look can be made truly glamorous with the addition of vintage scarves.
Glittering Scarf Clip
There is nothing else that matches the glamour of a silk scarf. It's an iconic item, worn by film stars in the 50's and in the 80's by Princess Diana, adding instant style. Silk vintage scarves are a luxury item, with indulgence and glamour, and have such a unique feel, there is nothing that can compare to them. Silk has always been a luxury item, used in pageantry throughout the ages, it's fascinating to learn more about the history of silk. If you are going to a vintage fair this autumn why not see if there are any silk worm farms, or butterfly centres in the local area, it would be the perfect opportunity to visit them, where you can learn about the history of silk.
Silk is a real indulgence, but if you are feeling economically practical, there are synthetic options which can be almost as appealing as true silk. Real vintage silk scarves are a treasured item, and can be difficult to obtain, but vintage synthetic scarves have gorgeous patterns and colours, and are just as lovely, in their own way, as any silk scarf.
Vintage girls don't just wear scarves, they create an allure of glamour. Vintage scarves are a fashion statement, and should be worn as such, not wrapped dozens of times around your neck for warmth like a woollen scarf. They can be worn throughout the day, as the perfect accessory, whether you are in the office, are going out to lunch, or to a drinks party. For that extra touch of glamour you should wear your scarf with a vintage scarf ring, or secured with a pretty vintage brooch, or even with a dramatic vintage clip on earring.
Just because summer is over, it doesn't mean you need to retreat into thick coats and heavy scarves. Girls, if you can't find vintage corduroy, look in the shops, modern corduroy comes in lovely shades which can be matched to your lovely silk scarf. Tie your scarf in a unique, but fashionable way that suits yourself and your lifestyle. This is what vintage is all about, the unique, individual look you can create, because no one else will be wearing the same beautiful vintage scarf and jewellery as you.

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