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Day & evening wear for the festive season...

The festive season offers a wonderful opportunity to embrace the contrast of your vintage daywear look of charm and femininity, against that of a glamorous evening wear look with the added confidence nobody else will be wearing the same dress as you!  This latest seasonal guest blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira offers lots of super ideas on getting your look just right this Christmas.   Check out also at the bottom, links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration. 

Christmas is my favourite time of the year! Oh, I love Christmas, isn't it wonderful, it's almost here! It's so lovely to be invited to Christmas parties and dos, it's such a great chance for indulging in your unique vintage look. This time of year is also a wonderful opportunity to consider both your vintage day time look as well as a glamorous evening look.
Vintage daywear
For me, the classic vintage look is a tea length dress with a cardigan, with pearls and a pretty brooch. There are so many pretty flowery patterned dresses in the shops at the moment, paired with a cardigan these make fantastic vintage look dresses without the price tag, and the worry of washing and caring for a true vintage dress. This look is such a classic look, and can be adapted in so many stylish ways with the use of vintage jewellery. You don't just need to wear a pearl necklace and a brooch, you can adapt vintage brooches, or even earrings, to make a lovely and unique chain fastening for your cardigan. A cardigan is a delight if worn with style.
Vintage evening wear
Your evening look will be completely different, such a delightful contrast to your day time look. It will be vintage fashion and glam, true vintage, not vintage style. You can really indulge yourself with your evening look, and find a true vintage dress that can be treasured forever, and worn over and over again. You will never bump into anyone wearing the same dress as you if you have a true vintage dress. Look around at vintage fairs, to help you choose from the many taking place this time of year take a look at the  #1 Vintage Events Finder...
but always remember to look on Vintassion's clothing section, where there are some truly delightful vintage dresses for sale. Remember, older fabrics may not be colour fast, and may shrink with washing, so it's really worth while doing research on the dress that you have bought, as well as having proper storage for it – acid free paper in a strong cardboard box away from sunlight. You should also seek out a dry cleaner who specialise in cleaning true vintage pieces.
Don't forget your sparkly vintage jewellery accessories. Dramatic, stylish necklaces, earrings, bracelets and cocktail rings, as well as a vintage coat and shoes create a truly glamourous vintage look. Shoes don't really need to be vintage, but they must be comfortable, and ones you can dance in! Seek out a stylish vintage evening bag, full of glitz and glam, but if you can't find one, or if you're afraid of damaging or losing your precious vintage bag, then find a modern vintage look bag to use instead – it all depends on the occasion. But, don't forget the basic essential of sleek underwear, really, really, essential with some vintage evening dresses, as well as providing an extra layer of warmth on cold winter nights.
Your day time look and evening look will show different sides of your personality. If you dedicate yourself to true vintage style, remember to enhance your look with your hair and make-up as well as your clothes and vintage accessories. Indulge yourself looking at old pictures of Hollywood icons, perhaps from the glamorous 30's, that era of ladylike glamour and style, of Hollywood stars, the essence of which will never be seen again.
Delightful Vintage Christmas Gifts
Enjoy Christmas time! Indulge in all the opportunities to show off your unique glamorous vintage evening wear at the parties you have been invited to. But, do also keep the charm and femininity of vintage for daytime, it's a timeless and classic look, always appropriate, that will always bring a smile to your face, and charm most people you meet. You can ask for vintage clothing and accessories, including sparkly jewellery, as Christmas presents, which you can use again and again throughout the year, on so many different occasions, both in the day time and the evening time.  With such lovely, lovely, sparkle and glitter at Christmas time, a vintage look really reflects the brightness and joy of this time of year.
 Trust you too enjoyed reading this lovely guest blog, here are links to all of Caroline's lovely past guest blogs...



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