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"Pick-me-up" vintage treats...

Let's face it this time of year can be a bit miserable what with the loveliness and sparkle of Christmas celebrations well and truly over.  So if you too are in need of an effective pick-me-up in these grey, dreary days, then enjoy reading this lovely guest blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira who shows how vintage treats offer the perfect remedy.  Check out also at the bottom, links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.

Oh dear. Do you think this is a miserable time of year, girls? I do. The loveliness and sparkle of Christmas celebrations are over. It seems a very long time ago. Spring and the festivities of Easter seem really far away as well. So, what to do? Give yourself little treats. Vintage is perfect for little indulgences, because vintage is really rather special, everything vintage has a unique, beguiling, story of its own. So, in these grey, dreary days, don't you think you deserve a little treat?
Lovely Vintage Treats
Vintage has a delightful sparkle. Vintage brooches, necklaces, earrings and rings bring that touch of something special to everyday life, which we really need at this dreary time of year. There is so much delight to be had in vintage shopping. It's so unlike going into a big shop where there are rows and rows of the same clothes and jewellery that all blend into each other. When you go shopping for vintage treats you can really indulge yourself. This is your choice, you are really treating yourself, it is special for you, it is your treat. There are so many different ways of discovering a special treat for yourself. You can either have the indulgence of a day out, at a vintage fair, but if it's raining, and cold and miserable, and you don't want to go out, look on Vintassion, where there are so many delightful temptations to be found.
If, however, you're feeling slightly more practical, scarves, handbags and purses are a fantastic way to treat yourself, and yet they still have that allure of vintage. These could be just useful, everyday things, that we all need. The treat of a true vintage scarf or a handbag or purse will not only bring a touch of glamour to your everyday outfit, but will be something to treasure for many years to come.
Don't think that sparkly vintage jewellery is just confined to wearing on your dress or coat. This is the delight of vintage jewellery, it can be used in so many different ways. Brooches can be put on display in a room, where they will catch the light and sparkle, even on a grey winters day...
Vintage jewellery on display
Or, you could make a pretty pin board and display your vintage necklaces and brooches and earrings in an artistic glittering way – there is so much inspiration on the internet for this. But, it is not just jewellery you can display. You can use pieces of vintage fabric and lace, which would be lovely to decorate a treasure box for those most precious pieces you don't want to put out on display. When spring does come, and you feel the need for bright flowers to fill your house with colour, instead of glittering jewellery, your precious vintage jewellery can go in the treasure box you have made.
Don't forget the joy and sparkle vintage will bring to each day at this dull time of year. There is so much delight in planning a shopping trip to a vintage fair, dates are easily found on Vintassion's Vintage Events Finder. But, the joy of finding new and unexpected vintage delights, especially from the comfort and warmth of your own home, with a drink of hot chocolate, really is indulgence. Buy little treats for yourself – because, girls, you really do deserve it.
Trust you too enjoyed reading this lovely guest blog, here are links to all of Caroline's lovely past guest blogs...

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