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Make your own vintage style...

Whether you desire a quiet, feminine look, or one that is bold and bright, you can make your own vintage style... including when wearing your favourite jeans and trainers!  Enjoy this delightful blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira on how you can use vintage in new and unconventional ways!  Check out also at the bottom, links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.

One of the joys of vintage is the sheer freedom it gives in developing an individual fashion style. You can express yourself in so many different ways, by making a statement, or in a more subtle way. Vintage can be a quiet, feminine look, or bold and bright, and this is the joy of it, there is so much to choose from, so many different eras of style. Fashion is constantly influenced by what has come before, which is now vintage. Even now there are many clothes in shops that have a vintage feel. But, really, if you want a true statement of fashion and style, only real vintage will do.
Vintage Fabrics and Patterns
However, many of us love our favourite clothes. Not many of us would like to be without our jeans, but you can still have a vintage aura by wearing a vintage blouse. You could simply wear this as a pretty blouse, if that is your own style. Or, if you want to be bolder, you could wear a vintage blouse as a cardigan or jacket, over a slogan t-shirt, perfectly blending modern with vintage.
And don't think it's just jeans - if you don't want to give up your beloved trainers, they will look great with a vintage dress in a pretty flower print. If you are interested in sewing and crafts you could find a pretty vintage style fabric – perhaps a Liberty print – and use a vintage dress pattern to make a dress yourself, which will be a totally unique look. You can take your time to find a pattern that suits your own style – bold or more feminine.
Vintage brooches on denim jacket and jeans
Vintage blouses and vintage brooches are a delightful combination. But, don't just think you need to have a brooch on your lapel. You can put vintage jewellery anywhere, making your own fashion statement. You could use smaller brooches on cuffs, or even in the place of cufflinks, but also on your jeans, decorating around the pockets. Or you can have a cascade of brooches upon your denim jacket, or on the pocket of a longer coat. This jewelled decoration will really give your outfit unique style.
So, don't be afraid to use vintage in new and unconventional ways, make your own vintage style. Whether your own style is pretty or dramatic, there are so many different ways to use vintage. Seek out that little individual piece of vintage to make your own. Use the summer to experiment - the summertime is ideal to relax and indulge in finding your own vintage style, which can be evolved for the autumn and winter.
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