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Vintage crafting bees...

Yes, 'bees' can help you enjoy vintage crafting and indulging in homemade cakes and even honey!   Well, it's really by following the social character of the insect.  Find out more about this and other ways to enjoy vintage crafting by reading this lovely blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira.  Check out also at the bottom, links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.

Now that it's getting chiller, and grey, and the nights are starting to draw in, it's just so nice to take the opportunity to turn your attention to crafting and creating. Vintage is wonderful for this, there are so many projects you can make with your vintage finds. It's really lovely to stay at home, to be nice and cosy and warm, and to indulge in making so many beautiful craft creations with your vintage finds.

Vintage Crafting
If you love vintage you have an advantage in crafting as you know and fully appreciate quality, and the skills and craftsmanship involved in creating something that will last. Vintage clothing has a quality of material and even costume jewellery has an aura of distinctiveness. The feel and style of vintage material has a characteristic that modern fashions find difficult to achieve. However, there are certain, very appealing materials such as Liberty fabrics which lend themselves to being used with vintage clothing patterns. If you look for a simple style of clothing pattern, by using a good quality material, you will be surprised by what you can achieve in the simplicity of the style. But if sewing isn't your thing, why not try knitting, perhaps an appealing vintage style cardigan. But don't limit yourself just to clothing. There are so many other vintage creations you can make, such as table runners and mats, cushions, doilies, macrame, and, if you are really adventurous, you can even try making your own lace.
Crafting Bees
Often you see crafting classes advertised, but you don't have to go to a formal lesson or evening class, you can create your own vintage bees (not the insects, dear, don't be silly) with your friends. You don't have to be perfect at sewing or crafting as long as you are all enjoying yourselves. After the creativity of making something, you can indulge in homemade cakes and sweets, have a vintage style tea party, using your lovely china, and even things that you have made. This is the lovely friendship of vintage.
Don't forget that Christmas is rapidly approaching, so vintage Christmas makes can be planned, after all, the gift of vintage is the best gift!
Don't feel daunted by the prospect of making something complicated with vintage materials or other vintage finds, even something really simple can look really lovely. You could make a beautiful memory box of your summer holiday, and decorate it with vintage decoupage. But you can also buy plain boxes and decorate them for Christmas. Enjoy yourself exploring this new side of vintage, look online at Vintassion for things to buy, materials to use, but most of all enjoy your crafting bees, and the delight of vintage.
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