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Utterly unique Christmas gifts...

Looking for inspiration in finding really special gifts for family and friends or maybe a treat for yourself this Christmas time... read this lovely blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira who offers lots of great ideas from a classic piece of vintage jewellery to a more fun personal piece.  Check out also at the bottom links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.

Christmas can be really wonderful! One of the joys of Christmas is buying presents for special people, searching for little treasures that can be kept forever. But don't be seduced by all the festive flashing lights, noise and glitter in the big shops, which can make Christmas shopping a little bit of a chore. Instead, look to vintage for its own glamour and sparkle, and for utterly unique gifts for that special person.
Vintage Treasures
Christmas is a time of giving, a time for showing your love for family and friends. Vintage jewellery and clothing is great for this, you can find something really special to give to someone to treasure forever. This could either be a classic piece of vintage jewellery, or a more fun personal piece that you know your friend will really love. A really classic gift would be a pearl necklace. This doesn't have to be a traditional short necklace, a long pearl necklace can be worn in so many different ways, a fashion conscious friend will find many ways of wearing a necklace like this. Vintage also lends itself to glamour and sparkle, there are some really divine brooches that will add instant impact to any outfit, either as a gift to a friend, or as a treat for yourself at Christmas time.
A charming idea is to make a vintage style memory box. It can be decorated with vintage style decoupage, with a little message or a Christmas card inside. This can be used for your special vintage Christmas presents. Remember, you can find lots of lovely buys on Vintassion to decorate your box with, you can pin vintage brooches on the outside of the box with ribbon used to tie the box. You can also use this idea for wrapping awkward shaped Christmas presents.
Vintage Jewellery Christmas Decorations
Vintage can stretch the imagination, and creativity and crafting skills in a way that a mass produced item simply can't. Vintage has a beguiling effect, even a beloved piece of vintage which shows signs of wear can be turned into something which is really special. Your vintage need not be perfect, this is the specialness of vintage. If you find something that really appeals to you, but it's not perfect, don't reject it. Even broken pearl necklaces can be draped on a Christmas tree to produce a magical effect. Brooches can be suspended like baubles which will add instant glitter and sparkle for a really true Christmassy feeling.
Instead of trudging around the shops this Christmas, look to Vintage for the magic of Christmas.  Christmas is a time of sharing, so remember that you can share your Christmas vintage makes with your friends and family all around the world by using social media platforms throughout Christmas advent time. Vintage isn't staid and old fashioned, it embraces new ideas and technologies. After Christmas you can use your special memory box to carefully put away all of your treasured vintage decorations, including pictures of your Christmas tree and how it has been decorated with your beloved pieces of vintage. And, if you've had lovely pictures from your friends around the world of their Christmas trees, they can be printed and put in with your own pictures in your Christmas treasure box.
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