Uncovered - Jessamy Elvira 09/04/2019

'Colour-up' vintage white...

From adding touches of colour to your outfit to colourful swirls of paisley pattern, as a modern update on vintage fashion... enjoy reading this lovely blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira for stylish ideas.  Check out also at the bottom links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.

Colour. There are so many different colours, some bright and bold, some far more subtle, some with only the richness that vintage can bring. But don't be afraid of wearing bright and bold colours, or even just one statement colour...
Colour Contrasts
White is not necessarily counted as a colour. White is the purest of colours, but also one of the boldest, since it is an absence of colour, or all colours rolled into one. White is also a vintage colour. White came into fashion when it was easier to clean clothes, to keep white pure white. This was around the 60's, when there was rapid advancement in technologies in cleaning and in fabrics. It was also very popular for ski wear. However, if an outfit of pure stark white is too much for you, then why not use a colourful appliqué to break the pure whiteness as a contrast. You could use a colourful swirl of a paisley pattern, as a modern update on vintage fashion. Paisley is a statement pattern, but it also has very strong associations with vintage, and can be easily updated from the traditional headscarf image.
You could also wear white with other vintage colours, such as vintage browns of coffee, caramel and biscuit. You could pair white pointed shoes or boots with a leopard print coat or dress to really add a modern take on vintage. You could even, if you are feeling creative, take one of the most vintage white items – lace – and dye it a bright colour such as vivid purple or pink and sew it as a ruffled cuff to a simple white blouse. This would make a real statement, and update a simple white blouse with a modern vintage twist. You could also wear a simple necklace of sparkly white crystals, which will bring a delightful contrast to your updated vintage outfit...
Colourful Vintage Accessories
If these bright colours don't suit you, or if the practicality of wearing white, even with our modern cleaning technologies, daunts you, then you can still add touches of colour to your outfit through the use of accessories. There are lots of brightly coloured vintage bead necklaces, plastic rings, earrings and bangles that would add touches of colour to an otherwise plain outfit. You could also wear vintage scarves to add colour, even to a plain business suit, since it still has all the effect of colour, but is also discrete at the same time. Or, you could wear a plain scarf, and use a vintage scarf clip or dress clip to add a touch of vintage colour and sparkle.
A little bit of colour can go a long way, or you can be very bold with your choices of contrasting colours, textures and patterns. But wear your vintage colour with style, love and enjoyment.
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