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A brooch for every occasion...

Brooches add a touch of vintage style instantly, to any outfit for every occasion and every mood... enjoy reading this lovely blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira who enjoys sourcing lovely pretty vintage brooches from the Cotswold area.  Check out also at the bottom links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.

Everyone who loves vintage should have a brooch collection. It is lovely to have a brooch for every occasion, and every mood. Brooches are the staple jewellery of vintage, when you think of unique vintage jewellery you think of brooches. Necklaces and rings and earrings are worn all the time, but brooches are that little bit special, because they add a touch of vintage style instantly, to any outfit. It's easy to go into a clothes shop and buy a necklace, but it is not so easy to find brooches. However, you can easily find several different styles of vintage brooches at vintage fairs, or online, that can soon make a unique and personal collection.
Everyday Glitter Brooches
You could start your brooch collection with everyday brooches, like the lovely Pearl Flower Brooch above center. Everyday brooches are wonderful, they bring a touch of individuality and vintage glamour to an ordinary outfit, and lift it into the subtle charm of something out of the ordinary. Adding a vintage brooch to your outfit will instantly change your mood, will make you feel more happy and confident, just as adding a brooch to a business outfit will give you that extra frisson of confidence. If you are in the situation of having a job interview, you could wear a treasured or special vintage brooch to give you a boost of confidence, it would be a good luck charm. The possibilities of your vintage brooch collections are endless. Just as you would choose what colour and style of shoes to wear with an outfit, you can delight in choosing which brooch to wear.
Another advantage of having a brooch collection is that you will have a wide range of options for your different outfits. If you have a heavy winter coat some brooches are more suitable for this, just as some brooches are more suitable for summer linen jackets. A small light brooch on heavy material just will not sit correctly, just as a heavy brooch on more delicate material will drag forwards. If you have a collection, it is not just the sparkle of the brooches, it's the practically of fastenings and wearing with different materials.
Diamond Sparkle Brooches
Oh, the delight, the glamour of vintage statement brooches! These brooches are just really special – even just looking at them, at their sparkling appeal, can make you feel glamorous and charmed. Statement vintage brooches are almost demanding, to be looked at and admired. They are real look at me brooches, real statement pieces of jewellery. You will not need to wear any other piece of jewellery with these brooches, which can be worn in several different ways, at the waist of a dress or at the shoulder or neck, to really give you the aura of glamorous vintage.
Fun Vintage Brooches
People don't usually think of vintage as being cute, but vintage fun brooches certainly are! You can really show your sense of fun and individual style by wearing one of these brooches, which could simply be very sparkly, or in fun designs, such as a dog or a cat. Vintage brooches can also be teamed with modern fashion trends, such as the trend of wearing denim, and the embellishment of appliqué patches, to great effect. These brooches are great worn with jeans and a denim jacket, because jeans never go out of fashion – as well as simply being pure fun!
Vintage brooches need not be expensive, it is quite easy to build up a collection if you have a discerning eye. Vintassion Online Vintage Fair has a great selection of brooches, where even glamorous statement brooches can be easily obtained at good prices. Brooches would make lovely gifts, and you could help a friend to build up a collection of brooches, or give three different brooches, of each style, so they have a good foundation for their vintage brooch collection. A collection of brooches is something really wonderful, because they will never go out of style, as well as making you feel special whenever you wear them.
Trust you too enjoyed reading this lovely guest blog, here are links to all of Caroline's lovely past guest blogs...

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