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Innovative vintage fashion gifts...

Finding the right festive gifts for your trendy friends can really be challenging, but did you know vintage fashion is innovative!  Read this insightful blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira about vintage gifts that will innovatively complement your friends' right up to date fashion style.   Check out also at the bottom links to all of Caroline's lovely guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.

Are you struggling with a Christmas gift for someone? Perhaps it could be for someone who says they really do not like vintage. However, it can be surprisingly easy to find a gift that will tempt them into vintage. After all, vintage isn't just pretty 40's and 50's styles, it's edgy and modern as well.

Modern Vintage
Lots of people struggle to understand what vintage is. Vintage is defined as being anything from 25 years ago, so even the 90's is vintage, with its grunge look. So vintage isn't just pretty pastel and floral dresses at all. Mini skirts are a key vintage look, and high boots are, too. Vintage is always influencing hem lines; the flattering mid-calf length that is in trend at the moment is a vintage image. Vintage influences are all around in fashion, even if you don't realise it, from hem lengths to fashion accessories like hair bands and dark tights and belts. Vintage is exciting, and it's fascinating to see all the vintage influences in styles. Even very modern clothes and accessories, that you wouldn't think are vintage inspired, such as the current fashion for bumbags or belt bags, comes from the 80's and 90's. You can even transform an outfit with a simple accessory, such as a large belt, which is very vintage, but very modern at the same time.
Modern pearl style
There is nothing more vintage than a pearl necklace, but pearl necklaces can be worn in so many modern ways. If you are wearing a sharp, menswear inspired suit, team it with a long knotted pearl necklace to soften the austere, structured, tailored lines. Pearl or sparkly stud earrings can also be worn with a sharp suit, to further soften the harsh lines and bold colours of a power suit. There are many designs of brooches that look very modern and new but are actually vintage pieces, and can really add flare to an outfit. You don't have to use a vintage accessory in a traditional way either, you can wear vintage dress clips on the tip of a shirt collar to add sparkle. Brooches, pins, buttons and hair clips can be worn in the hair, or attached to a hairband for instant fashionable effect.
Vintage is innovative, with traditional clothes and accessories used in a well-edited, influential style. A friend who likes to indulge in the latest modern fashions and styles will find a carefully chosen vintage Christmas gift from you a revelation.
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