Uncovered - Jessamy Elvira 05/05/2022

Cherished things are forever...

Passing cherished things on to someone special provides lasting happy memories forever.  Whether they may be family heirlooms such as jewellery, clothes and bags, to modern accessories that one day too will become cherished things, as Caroline of Jessamy Elvira enlightens in this lovely guest blog.  Check out also at the bottom links to all of Caroline's fab guest blogs for lots more fabulous 'vintage' inspiration.

There is such a glow of loveliness about vintage. There are so many memories and emotions attached to vintage treasures, so much sentiment, as well as a nostalgia of past occasions. But there are also lovely memories tied to modern pieces of jewellery from special events.

Old Vintage Treasures
You might have some precious family heirlooms of jewellery, clothes or bags. These may have been kept in family care for generations, and you are now the one treasuring them. These are cherished things that have been kept and given with love, and you know the stories behind them. However, you can add to this collection, or build your own collection of precious vintage treasures that have lasted with loving care over the years. These could be things that you have found at a vintage fair, or have bought online like from Vintassion.com and have worn to special family events, creating new stories.
Modern Jewellery
When you buy something new, you should keep in mind that one day, it will be vintage too. Modern accessories can be treasured just as much as vintage jewellery. You can one day pass them on to someone special, who will cherish and care for them just as you have cherished old vintage things. You can treasure an inexpensive little brooch as much as an expensive high fashion item, it doesn’t matter how little, or how much, it cost, it’s the emotion and joy you feel for it.
When you have special family events coming up, it would be lovely to wear your cherished pieces to these happy occasions. The joy of wearing these accessories and clothes will then have the happy memories of those events tied to them forever, and new stories added to the old.
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