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Style creativity of scarves...

With the colder seasons upon us there's no excuse not to enjoy the wonderful creativity that scarves can be worn to add more style and happiness, as well as keeping us warm when needed.  For an interesting insight to wearing scarves enjoy reading this lovely guest blog by Caroline of Jessamy Elvira.  If you are a trader with vintage scarves, clips and brooches to sell please list them on the Online Vintage Fair with our no tie-in 6 months free trial and we'll showcase them across our social pages alongside this blog over the next few weeks.  Check out also at the bottom links to all of Caroline's fab guest blogs for lots more 'vintage' inspiration.

There is definitely a change in everything. In the weather, in clothes, going from the pretty pastels of summer, retreating into the darker colours of autumn and winter. But, just because these changes are happening, you do not have to give up colours, and all the happiness they bring.

Scarf Textures
Scarves are the ultimate autumn and winter accessory. If you want to feel all cosy and warm, then nothing can beat a knitted woollen scarf – especially if it’s been handmade. But there are lovely vintage scarves, some made out of luxurious silk, some made from simple cotton, in a kaleidoscope of colour and shapes. Don’t just think that a scarf is a long, trailing utilitarian accessory! The elegance of draping a scarf can really elevate an outfit – especially if you secure it with a sparkly brooch. Many vintage scarves are in square shapes, which can easily be worn in many different ways, from a triangle, which will really show off the colour and pattern, to a simple fun accessory, perhaps tied to your handbag.
     Colourful Scarves
Scarves have a wonderful creativity. All of their different colours and shapes can be styled in so many different ways. They can be used as an adornment, rather than a simple item of clothing to keep warm. You can flatter your hair and eye colour with a scarf wrapped close to your face. Or, you could use a long scarf in a brilliant pink as a pop of colour against a dark raincoat on a gloomy day. Lots of vintage scarves have bright and bold patterns, often in the paisley style, which would give a real retro look your outfit.
If you are not a scarf person, give it a try – you will be surprised at the difference adding a scarf to your outfit will make. You can find some really special scarves, truly luxurious silk vintage scarves, or the loving comfort of a handmade scarf. Scarves also make lovely gifts – and so do sparkly brooches to fasten them! - either as an indulgence to yourself, or as treasured gifts to loved ones at Christmas time.
Trust you too enjoyed reading this lovely guest blog, here are links to all of Caroline's lovely past guest blogs...

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