Spring Sale - 1950s/60s Jokari game set

A boxed ‘Jokari’ set, Junior De Luxe Model, comprising 2 paddle bats, block, ball, elastic, tape, instructions and Jokari Association application form.
The paddle bats are in excellent condition. They are made of attractively dark-stained wood with green rubberised grips and the Jokari logo in gold.
The red wooden block is in very good condition. It has a recessed compartment for the ball, and connector for the elastic. The blue swivel lid of the compartment bears the coat of arms of Brighton, near to the Jokari factory (please see photo)
The rubber ball (pierced to fix the elastic), elastic (on original spool) and eyeletted tape are all original, as are the typed instructions and Jokari Association flyer.
The box is intact but well worn with fading to the label and peeling on the bottom (please see photos).

Ref: Vintan-8295


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