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Sizing and Measurements:
Vintage Gloves were sized according to the measurement (in inches) around the widest part of your hand, not including the thumb.
To check out if they will fit follow these simple instructions:

1. Measure the hand that you write with, as this will be slightly larger than the other one.
2. Take a tape measure (with inches on it) and get someone else to place the tape around your hand on, or around the knuckles at the widest part, but do not include your thumb.

3. Pull the tape to the required tightness (remember that vintage gloves were worn 'to fit like a glove' and so would generally have been worn tighter than we do today)

4. Read off the measurement - this is your vintage glove size - check it against the size quoted in the listing.

5. If the size quoted in the listing is the same, or a 1/2 inch larger then they will fit. If they are SMALLER - they are unlikely to fit UNLESS I have indicated they have some stretch to them.

What length of glove should I wear?
Glove etiquette was an important part of the fashion statement until the 1970s, so if you are buying vintage gloves you should not only consider what size you need, but what length would have been properly worn with your outfit.

The length of a glove is known as its ‘button length’. It is measured, again in inches, from the base of the thumb to the top of the cuff (so does not relate to, or include the length of the fingers!).

As a general rule, the shorter your outfit sleeve, the longer your gloves should be.

All my listings have a 'button length' quoted and so you should be able to gauge correctly what length is suitable for your outfit.

Terms of Sale.
All goods are fully described in the web text, including description of any faults or defects and details of sizing. As all items sold are vintage and are of some age it is to be expected that they are not 'perfect' or in brand new state.

Returns Policy.
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you can request a return. Contact me via this site and tell me why you are not happy and I will send you details of how to return them to me for inspection. Returns will be accepted if the goods are not as described, or if they are damaged in transit but not if they do not fit (as sizing information is clearly provided). Your original purchase price will be refunded in the same manner as you paid. Postage is not refundable.

Delivery Policy.
All items are posted FREE of charge, 2nd class royal mail in the UK.

Postal Insurance
In UK up to £20 of postal insurance is included. If you wish/need more than this, please contact me via this site BEFORE PURCHASE so I can quote you the additional price.

Outside the UK - please contact me via this site for both postage and insurance price prior to purchase; please send me your zip/postal code and country of residence to enable me obtain an accurage quotation.

Paypal is my preferred payment method and you can quickly and easily use the 'pay now with paypal' button on each listing.

Cheque payments are accepted. Goods will be 'laid away' for a maximum of 10 days awaiting receipt and clearing of your cheque. Goods will then be posted and a confirmation email sent to you.

Cash on Collection - this can be arranged PRIOR to purchase. Collection to be at a Vintage Glove Box attended Fair (see Upcoming Fairs section).

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