USSR Soviet submarine rescue complete diving suit

A Soviet rescue diving suit of a submariner. approx 2010,unisex made in two heights - this particular set is for a person with a height of 180 to 200 cm. for reference I am in the photo`s180cms tall and 90 kgs with lots more room inside, bearing in mind there is also another internal suit to be worn before this.
Designed for the emergency rescue of submariners from a sunken submarine from depths of up to 120 meters.
The suit is new and has not been used before. It can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also for shallow diving surveys, for example, fishing,salvage, as well as an exhibit for thematic exhibitions, shopping centers, sports shops, restaurants, cafe bars etc.
what you will receive 1 the main suit 2 an internal jumpsuit and hat for wearing inside the main suit
3 protective gloves and footwear fleece thermal? a brand new pair of wool military socks size 43 4 connector pipe, 5 a pair of air cylinders,
6 weighted insoles.
,PLEASE NOTE the bag does have 2 small tears near the handles.

Ref: Berryb-8377


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