Vintage set of 4 cut glass tableware condiments

Pretty vintage set of four сut glass multi-purpose tableware items made in Europe circa 1950s: salt jar, sugar bowl / candy bowl, gravy bowl /creamer, mustard / honey / jam jar.
This little set is the quintessential cut glass classic that will never go out of style. The previous owner of these items was a very aristocratic Dutch lady who loved elegance and style in everything. It's hard for me to guess the true cost of this set, but I think I value it much less than the price she paid.

Mustard jar:
Height with lid 10 cm 3.93 inch
Diameter 8 cm 3.14 inch

Salt bowl:
Height 4,2cm 1,65 inch
Diameter 8 cm 3.14 inch

Sugar bowl:
Height with lid 9,5 cm 3.73 nch
Diameter 11 cm 4.33 inch

Gravy boat / creamer
Height 7.5 cm 2.95 inch
Width with handle 11 cm 4.33 inch

Ref: Berryb-8369


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